Step inside our lounge and enjoy a masterful experience. As the only Salon AND Barbershop in Boston, the Barbershop Lounge is renowned for bold and sleek cuts, filling seats with clientele including Celtics and Bruins, Biotech industry leaders, and many other fashion-forward guests. With grooming as our passion and styling as our craft, sit down and indulge in a top-of-the-line experience, as our team of stylists handle the rest. May it be a beard trim, a fresh fade, or a trendy ‘do, leave the lounge feeling fresh and pampered every visit.


Unique Experience

One-of-a-kind in the Boston scene, the Barbershop Lounge is proud to be the only Salon AND Barbershop, situated on the stylish Newbury Street. Here at the lounge, modern tastes will infuse with our well-established principles to create a clean, masterful shave. Backed by talented and accomplished staff, stroll in to our salon for a relaxing and sleek new look, with equally enjoyable conversation to match. From professional athletes to Back Bay fashionistas, we strive to provide a top-of-the-line experience for all.


Close Shaves and Close Encounters

As the only Salon AND Barbershop in Boston, the Barbershop Lounge is dedicated to provide a sleek, bold style for all. Situated in the heart of the Back Bay, the Barbershop Lounge has visits from professional athletes to CEO’s, as we consistently provide a top-of-theline shave! May it be a beard trim, scissor cut, or color blending, take a seat and our talented stylists will take it from there.